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Get the Most Out of Your Social Media



Social Media Strategy

Our team will create and plan the most effective social media strategy for your business. By learning and researching what your business does first hand and understanding your goals, we'll create a strategy tailor-made specifically for you and your business.


Content creation can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we’re here to help you navigate this aspect of your business. Our team has several creative ways to help create meaningful and relevant content, aesthetically pleasing for your brand.


  • Professional Photographer 

  • Instagram Reels Creation

  • Instagram Story Creation

  • And much more...


As entrepreneurs, we get pulled in so many different directions. Having a business coach will help you create an action plan and then hold you accountable to follow through with each step, bringing you closer to achieving your goals. I'll be there to remind you of what you're working towards and where you are in that process. I'll be your biggest cheerleader.

Social Media


Running your own business can be time consuming  and quite hectic at times.  Our team can help destress one aspect of your business for you, your Social Media presence. Let us manage your Social Media accounts on your behalf to free up time and energy for you and your teams to focus on other aspects of your business. 


You're ready to embrace collabs on Instagram, but not sure where to start!? We'll your in the right place. Lauren and I are here and ready to share our proven growth process from utilizing Instagram collaborations.

✓ Our step by step proven process to get the BEST growth out of your collaboration.

✓ How to choose the BEST accounts for a collaboration.

✓ PDF Workbook to help you create the BEST collaboration & strategy.

Grab your spot to the ultimate Instagram collaboration workshop today!

Hello, I’m Stephanie!

I'm Here to take your Social Media to another level

Being a business owner means being focusing on many things, being a multi-tasker, providing customer service, producing goods/services, etc. It can seem quite overwhelming and challenging at times, let us help you navigate this daily grind by managing your businesses Social Media. We are certified in Social Media and E-Marketing and have helped businesses just like yours streamline their Social Media strategy, grow their online communities, and create the leads that turn into conversions (i.e. "real business"). Together we can take your business to the next level.



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Client Love

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Thrive Media Marketing has helped me in so many ways with my social media accounts. They’ve helped me to understand how to target my ideal audience, plan content ahead of time, and post with the intention of growing my business by attracting the right clientele. I’ve also had a branding session with them and the photos turned out amazing! I’ll definitely continue to use them in the future.

Jessica  - Skincare Guru

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